Are you thinking about modernising your kitchen in the new year and looking for inspiration? Scroll no further! 

2022 was a year of sage green, dark stained wood and mid-century modern kitchen styling. In 2023, interior designers the world over are embracing anything that brings more funk and colour to the heart of the home.

Keep reading to find out what’s trending and see how you can incorporate these ideas when planning your kitchen renovation.

1. Sociable, Ergonomic Design

Image credit: Houzz Australia & BuildHer Collective

We’ve spent so long living in lockdown and isolation that 2023’s top kitchen trend is quite literally just reintroducing safe socialisation back into our lives. The best way to build a bespoke social kitchen is through incorporating ergonomic curves and multiple entry and exit points into your kitchen living space.

Curved islands and open floor plans make kitchens feel more inviting and provide a gentle flow that allows for easier transitioning between spaces.

2. Smart Partitioning

Image credit: Livspace

On the flip side to social design, if you need a way to separate your kitchen from the next space, consider a smart partitioning system. Using open shelving to create a boundary is an innovative and modern way to make kitchens feel cosy without closing off the space completely.

The benefit of using open shelving as smart partitioning is that you can make the area feel as open or closed as you want by stacking (or not stacking) your shelves with décor and kitchenware. The best part is that you can change this concept up according to your mood and the needs of the space.

3. Wood Cabinetry

We know wood never really went away, but 2023 is all about reintroducing pines, oaks and walnuts back into your kitchen cabinets. Wooden cabinetry is a popular choice for interior designers because it is practical, timeless, and easy to work with no matter the kitchen layout.

4. Patterns

A great way to bring excitement to classic wooden cabinetry is to contrast it with a patterned tile or wallpaper. In particular, directional patterns are increasing in popularity and add a bold uniqueness that won’t date too quickly.

You can incorporate patterns into backsplashes, inside cupboards, and bench tops. Subway tiles are perfect for creating a directional pattern that is contemporary and clean.

5. Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Viva Magenta

Step into the “Magentaverse” by weaving Pantone’s rich, jewel-toned 2023 Colour of the Year into your kitchen. Viva Magenta is a deep red shade that represents strength, fearlessness, self-expression, and exuberance.

This tone is very bold so we don’t recommend you paint your whole kitchen with it as much as simply adding it in as a feature colour for furniture and décor.

6. Statement Seating

If you have a breakfast bar or an open plan kitchen and dining area, 2023 is the year you need to experiment with statement seating! Seating enhances the social atmosphere of the kitchen, so why not take it the extra mile by making your stools or chairs stand out?

Upholstering or painting some funky stools for the kitchen island is a great way to achieve your dream kitchen aesthetic without making any major structural changes to the space. Plus, it’s always a great idea to give dinner guests somewhere to perch with a glass of wine as they keep you company while you cook.

7. Glazed Tiling

We have been stepping away from matte finishes for a while now and back into high gloss, almost wet-look finishes that make your kitchen pop. Glazed tiles are reflective and can open any room up by mirroring the lighting within the space.

Glazed tiles look fantastic when paired with bespoke wooden cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, giving your kitchen design depth by adding different textures and layers.

8. Funky Open Shelving

Image credit: Aker Interiors

For a modern spin on the mid-century classic, work with your interior designer and cabinetry experts to get some uniquely shaped open shelving designed and installed. This technique will bring a funky, artistic solution to a practical kitchen need.

Using curves or geometry in open shelving creates a unique focal point with your kitchen space that your guests will be sure to talk about.

9. Concealed Storage

Concealed storage is not a new concept, but it is definitely a hot trend for 2023. This concept is especially effective for small spaces that could benefit from a little bit of decluttering.

With a bespoke concealed storage installation, you can choose whether you opt in for inlaid cupboard handles, press-to-open latches, or hidden sensors that pick up fingerprints or hand waves for a smooth open and close process.

10. Double Islands

If your space is large enough, don’t just stick to one island – go for two! This trend is very popular for luxury homes and is perfect for entertaining and extra bench space.

Double islands prevent large kitchen spaces from feeling too monotonous or empty. One can be used for any kind of kitchen work while the other is used for entertaining, or they could be staggered to blend in with your desired layout.

Ready to renovate?

No bespoke kitchen renovation is complete without gorgeous custom made cabinetry. If you’re thinking about renovating in 2023, give Madera Cabinetry a call on 0422 784 430 or send us a message today!

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  • Katrina Allan
    January 1, 2023 10:28 pm

    Looking at renovating our kitchen and laundry. We would like it completed by the end of April t the latest.Is this possible with you company? Looking forward to your reply. Happy New Year.

    • Hi Katrina and happy new year!

      We certainly can complete the installation by the end of April.

      Would you like to have a meeting so we can discuss what sort of cabinetry you need?



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