Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens


If your kitchen is on the smaller side it can seem impossible to fit everything you need without overflow making your space look messy. 

This is far from the truth though, even in small kitchens there are ways to make everything fit and look tidy. Keeping a tidy kitchen is important as it can help make your space feel larger and more comfortable to work in.

We have compiled the following list of kitchen storage ideas to help you organise your space and turn your tiny kitchen into a cooking haven. 


Corners are often wasted space because people don’t know how to use them effectively. Many people think poking corner cabinets are useless because they’re not easily accessible, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are a few ways to make your corners more user friendly. This can include installing drawers instead of a cabinet, so you can pull them out. However, if you want a cabinet there are things you can do. 

One solution for corner cabinets is to install pull out shelves or baskets so you don’t have to reach around the corner where it’s hard to see. A second solution is to use a lazy susan so you can spin it so you can easily see and access everything. 

Go All The Way To The Ceiling

To maximise your storage space you should be using all the space that is available to you. 

If you’re in the market for a brand new kitchen design, it can help to install cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling for extra dust free storage space. 

However, if you are looking to maximise your existing cabinetry then it is important to use the tops for extra storage. This space is ideal for storing large pots and pans, especially ones that you don’t use often. 

Drawers & Baskets

It can be hard to find everything in your cabinets if they’re not organised well, as things can get pushed to the back and moved around when you’re searching for something particular. 

To ensure all of your food and equipment is easy to access you can sort similar items into baskets or removable drawers. This way you can pull them out and place them on the kitchen island to see everything and restock them easily.

This will ensure that everything is easy to find and you won’t be continually purchasing items that you already have hidden in the back of the cupboard. 

Insides of Doors

Another space that is often overlooked is the insides of doors. Your doors are premium real estate in small kitchens. 

Most cabinet doors will be strong enough to hold at least a few smaller items, such as condiments, spices or lids. 

To use this space effectively you can install little basket shelves to the insides of your cabinet doors to organise your herbs and spices, or add hooks to hold various pot lids or cutting boards. 

Shelf Risers

Often there is a lot of wasted cabinet space on shelves between the top of one item and the next shelf. When you have limited space, it is essential that you don’t waste any areas. But you also don’t want to be cramming or stacking too many items as it can make it hard to find what you need.

To use this space without taking away from the useability you can add shelf risers. This will allow you to stack items without actually stacking them on top of each other, so you can easily access everything. 

Drawer Dividers

Now that you have many ideas for your cabinets, let’s take a look at your drawers. While it may be tempting to just throw everything in and shut it, this is not very user friendly. 

A great organisation idea to keep your drawers tidy and your utensils easy to find, is to use drawer dividers. These can come in many shapes and sizes, or you can even get custom ones made to suit your space and needs. 

Counter Space

While using your kitchen counters for storage can make your space look cluttered, it can also make your space look really nice, and give you much needed extra space, if done properly.

Keeping a nice basket of utensils or knife blocks beside your stove can look very elegant and free up space in your drawers for other equipment. 

Is your kitchen in need of a remodel to help maximise your storage space? 

Our friendly team at Madera Cabinetry design, build and install custom cabinets on the Sunshine Coasts and surrounds. You can visit our website or contact us to learn more about how we can help and schedule a free consultation to design your dream kitchen. 

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