benefits of custom kitchen cabinets


Whether your kitchen is starting to look a little down trodden or you are just looking for a change, new cabinets can make a massive difference. 


If you have a specific vision for your kitchen renovation, then opting for a personalised design is the way to go. With that in mind, here are a few of the biggest benefits of choosing custom kitchen cabinets.

Maximise Storage Space

Storage space is one of the most important factors when designing a new kitchen. There are so many large appliances, crockery, cutlery and so much more that needs to fit in the one room.


The more dedicated storage space you have, the easier it will be to keep your countertops clutter free so you can use them as they’re intended, rather than as a dumping ground. This will also make your kitchen look cleaner and neater. 


With custom built cabinets you can make them the size that you want and even add in extra internal and hidden storage spaces throughout your kitchen. You can add as many shelves as you want, add hidden bins, hidden drawers, and more, the options are only limited to your and your designer’s imagination. 


This means your space can be designed specifically to best service all of your family’s storage needs. 

Built To Fit Your Space

When designing your new kitchen, the last thing you want is wasted space. Every centimetre is precious when you’re trying to fit so much into so little space. 


Prebuilt, stock cabinets are designed based on generic measurements, whereas custom design cabinets are built to fit your space. This means they will fit perfectly, without any gaps or wasted space.

Show Off Your Personality

Whether you like to cook or not, most of us like to eat, so it’s inevitable that you will spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen. Make it a room you enjoy being in and that represents your personality.


Your kitchen designer can help make your kitchen as quirky or as functional as you desire. With custom cabinets, you get to choose the colours, sizes and designs, so let your personality shine through. 


The more comfortable you feel in your kitchen the more you’ll enjoy spending time there. You may even find that it will inspire you to learn some new recipes!

High Quality Materials

When choosing a stock standard cabinet you don’t get a say in the quality. Don’t settle for the average materials some stock cabinetry is made out of. 


Choose custom made and you will enjoy high quality kitchen cabinets made from solid timber and expert joinery. 

Whether you’re a professional interior designer or are planning to do your own kitchen remodel on the Sunshine Coast or surrounding areas, our friendly team at Madera Cabinetry can help. Visit our website to learn more or contact us to schedule a free consultation to start designing your dream kitchen.

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